Walnut Creek Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery: What You Need To Know About Today’s Cosmetic Procedures

Plastic surgery is a broad field, and it can be even harder to get the full amount of information on considering many of these procedures are also put under the general umbrella of cosmetic surgery. The two are generally considered the same, but that covers a wide variety of different procedures. Before jumping in with the permanent changes, you should learn as much as possible about any type of Walnut Creek plastic surgery you are potentially looking at.

Traditional Surgery Vs. Low Impact Options

Changing technologies have changed many of these procedures, offering less invasive options than all out traditional surgery. This isn’t always going to be true. A nose job or major reconstructive surgery is still going to require traditional methods and is going to be invasive in nature, complete with a long recovery time to deal with healing, swelling, and following up on any potential scarring.

However there are also many forms of plastic surgery, such as liposuction, that now have multiple low impact options. This means getting the traditional benefit but only having an in/out procedure. That is a win-win scenario for everyone involved, and goes to show how important it is to look at all the most advanced procedures and options to know what is available as an option and what isn’t.

Liposuction Is Most Common

Liposuction is probably the most common form of cosmetic surgery, and is in fact so common that some consider it a separate category. This procedure allows for the removal of body fat through surgical means. The part that is most appealing for many patients or potential patients is the fact that this type of fat removal can be localized to directly treat those very hard to treat areas such as the neck, jowls, the “muffin top,” or certain parts of the legs or arms.

This spot treatment of fat is impossible with diet and exercise, your body will adjust as it sees fit, but with a localized liposuction procedure not only can some unsightly fat be removed but trouble areas can often be treated with a simple, virtually painless, in office procedure that allows the client to get treated and still walk out just fine only an hour later.


Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is one of the most popular types of plastic surgery out there. This is a major cosmetic procedure, and requires actual surgery as the cartilage of the nose and surrounding area of the face must be changed and altered to get the desired new look. The effects on the overall appearance of the patient are enormous and it requires some degree of investment as the average national cost for rhinoplasty is $4,694 as of 2016.

This isn’t something that can be undone so be sure of the look you want before proceeding, and absolutely listen to any doctor recommendations based on pre-surgery checkups. This is often combined with a facelift to create a completely different look for patients looking to really change up their faces.

Breast Augmentation (Or Reduction)

Breast augmentation is by far and away the most common plastic surgery and is requested by around 270,000 to 295,000 women per year on average. These numbers are double what the demand was in the 1990s but has remained consistent over most of the past decade. The continued ability to make implants that feel better, look better, and function more naturally has helped to explain why the popularity of this surgery has continued to grow.

While many people imagine the especially large implants of some adult movie actresses, the truth is that most women decide to move up just one cup or sometimes two – just a little bit more to feel more natural and confident and to make sure they look good while the implants remain proportional to the rest of their body.

Research Then Decide

There are many different types of plastic surgery available and the prices are going to vary widely based on the reputation and skills of the board certified surgeons, the procedure, as well as the location. Different places have different average prices. A plastic surgery procedure in a small city in Iowa or Mississippi will cost a lot less than the top providers in Beverly Hills California, New York City, or Walnut Creek, CA.

Do your research, and then make an informed decision on what procedures might actually be right for you.